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Surface grinding

The company SORIM does all your surface grinding work: « Blanchardage » simple and double-sided on foundry components or blanking: flange, sleeve, lever, joint plan...
All materials: Speciality STAINLESS STEEL and INCONEL,
Ferrous metals, treated, non-ferrous, neutral material, magnetic or amagnetic.

Surface grinding equipments, big, medium and small series:

For more than 20 years we are  specialists in « Blanchardage » and we are equiped with flat grinding machines, simple and double wheel, double face et double plate Ø1200mm. Hydraulics and with digitally driven.

Components with big dimensions and preciseness:

Surface grinding, 15 µm preciseness
Flat, concave, and cambered.

Big capacities :
Permisible length : 4000mm,
Width : 1400mm,
Hauteur : 1200mm, 8T.

Preciseness machining : new and renovation
Machines frames, Slides, Valves, Surface plates, Moulds,
Mecanic components, Guillotine blades, etc…

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