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The company SORIM does all your milling work: surfacing, drilling, tapping, slotting and contourning…manufacturing operations on elaborated components: turbines, casings, cylinder head, motor blocks…

All lines and materials
Secondary-operation machining of foundry components.

Milling equipments medium and big series:

We are using on preciseness components horizontal machining centres organised in blocks of production that permit work in bars: machining sawing and deburring.

Milling equipments medium and small series:

We are equiped with drilling and vertical machining centres, palletized, fixed table, or swivelling plates 5 axis.

Big dimension components, unit and small serie :

Milling machine/Boring machine CNC
With big capacities :
Lenght 4000mm, Height 2500mm,
plate 2500x2500mm, 4th axis, 10T.

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