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Cylindrical surface grinding and hard turning

The company SORIM does all your cylindrical surface grinding work: internal and external, oblique plunge: Axis, gears, slides… And offers an alternative: the hard turning.

Medium and big series, all materials.

Cylindrical grinding equipment medium and big series :

We are using, arcording to the components that need grinding, cylindrical grinding machine inter and exter, double wheels and oblique plunge, designed in production block.

Component Ømaxi 350mm, length between centres 1500mm and « Marposs » measure in the diameter and length.

Hard turning presentation, all series:

« Hard turning , that is to say, the turning of hard metals, is presented like an alternative to the ususal grinding, often long et expensive during the machining of preciseness components.
The main advantage is that it is possible to realize on the same machine so with just one component mesh, machining whose dimensional tolerance is close to the one obtained in grinding, but also to realise contours and frames that remain dificults to obtain in grinding».

We are doing all hard turning work on secondary-operation machining components until Ø450mm, length 1600mm.

Treated steel, and thermally hardened from 45 to 68 HRC.

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